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“单独会面” 用英语怎么说

在谈及悲剧产生的“单独会面”时,刘德华杨丽娟事件很值得多方去考虑、去反思…… 以下摘取路透社4月1日“恶搞”新闻一段——《刘德华与歌迷喜结连理》,希望,媒体日后能降低类似“单独会面”的曝光度: 

In a dramatic twist of events, Hong Kong pop idol Andy Lau has agreed to marry a 28-year-old woman from Lanzhou who embarked on a cross-country love chase that left no stone unturned and no father alive.

“虚拟钱币” 英语怎么说


请看《中国日报》相关报道:The Chinese government's recent efforts to tighten supervision of online gambling and virtual money will not have any real impact on Tencent, according to experts, as the company's games and revenue are unlikely to be affected by the new regulations.

“××级地震” 英语怎么说


请看外电相关报道:A powerful magnitude-7.6 earthquake struck off the Solomon Islands on Monday, sending a tsunami wave crashing into the country's west coast and prompting region-wide disaster warnings.

Sgt. Godfrey Abiah said police in the capital, Honiara, reported a wave several yards high had crashed ashore in the western town of Gizo shortly before communication lines with the region were cut.